Business VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides a different option for making phone calls. Instead of using traditional phone lines, this internet phone service converts audio signals into digital data, which is then transmitted to the person on the other end of the call. The recipient hears the audio in the same way as with a traditional phone call. VoIP phone services utilize the same method of communication used throughout the internet, while traditional phone services transmit audio over copper lines.

Business VoIP systems are often more cost-effective than traditional phone services, providing the potential for increased savings for your company. Aegis IT Services can assist businesses in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, and Central PA, with the installation and use of VoIP in their daily operations. Let us help you learn more about the benefits and basics of business VoIP phone services.

Equipment Options for Phone VoIP service:

VoIP phone service technology allows you to make phone calls using a variety of equipment beyond traditional landline or cell phones. Some options for making VoIP calls include:


  • Traditional phone adapters: These adapters connect your regular landline phone to an internet connection, allowing you to make VoIP calls using your existing phone. Some adapters also offer additional functions such as faxing and caller ID.
  • Hardware-based IP phones: These phones resemble traditional landline phones but use the internet instead of a traditional switched network. They often have additional capabilities like power over ethernet, which allows the phone to receive power from the ethernet cord instead of an A/C adapter.
  • Software-based IP phones: These phones are software programs installed on digital devices like computers, tablets, or cell phones. You can make and receive calls using the device’s built-in audio equipment or with a headset attachment.
  • Dual-mode and Wi-Fi cell phones: Dual-mode cell phones have channels for both cellular radio and wireless internet, while Wi-Fi phones have only a Wi-Fi channel. Both types of devices can run VoIP software and allow you to make calls in a similar manner to using the cellular network.

Depending on the device or program you choose, you can make calls between computers only or between a computer and a phone. If you have a VoIP phone number, you can use it on multiple devices, and your number remains the same regardless of your location, making it easy to keep if you or your business moves or travels. Call us today to talk about Phone VoIP services in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, and Central PA.

Are you considering a VoIP system for your business? With so many providers and options available, it can be challenging to determine the best solution for your needs. At Aegis IT Services, we offer free consultations to help you understand your options and choose the right VoIP system for your business.

Once you’ve made a decision, our team can assist with the purchase and installation of your business VoIP phone services. We can help you determine the type of VoIP phone services and system you need and handle the installation of all necessary hardware and software. Contact us today at (717) 995-8600 to receive a response within 24 hours and take the first step towards modernizing your business phone services.