We expect a lot from our small business computer servers on a daily basis. For the most part, they hum along quietly in the background without an issue. But like any machine, periodic maintenance is a given if you are to have uninterrupted performance. Chose Aegis IT for your IT server support services.

Busy office environments invariably rely on several computer servers to keep them operating efficiently. If any of these file, print, network or web servers goes down, or shows any sign of fluctuating efficiency, it is time to consult with the IT specialists to determine what small business server solutions are available.

Detecting early failure signs or issues is of paramount importance in averting a major crash. Better still, automated or scheduled server tracking and maintenance can help your small business server network stay on top.

Aegis IT Services provides small business server solutions in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, and Central PA. Our comprehensive professional IT service support services have your business  needs covered from every angle:

From backup to storage capacity requirements, our IT experts can help you determine the best network server options for your business. When installing or upgrading your servers, it is our intention to help you avoid hardware or system failure of any kind. Disk read errors or occasional network failure may point to impending hardware failure. Preemption and prevention of such system failures are the key to their avoidance.

We offer various levels of monitoring and support depending on your business needs. These include critical 24/7 monitoring for servers and onsite support. Other levels of server support include:

  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Priority Outage Response
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • User Account Administration
  • Network Access Control
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Antivirus Application Management and License Compliance

Our small business remote support solutions allow us to access and repair all remote devices running any operating system, regardless of location. Our highly trained server support technicians can chat with end-users and resolve almost all issues remotely. If your server is managed by a dedicated server provider, you will need to ensure your remote management tools are operating normally. Our IT server maintenance experts can check and maintain this service for you.

When choosing or reviewing your small business server options, entrust the management of your server health metrics to Aegis IT Services. Our team of expert server management service professionals have the resources and training to provide all your small business server solutions — in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner.

For professional consultation on network servers for small businesses and the subsequent installation and maintenance of the IT server support services you need, call us today at (717) 995-8600.