Advanced Email Threat Monitoring

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96% of cyberthreats to a company initiate from their email inbox. Advanced email threat monitoring services uses multi-layer filtering to keep the bad guys out of your company’s inboxes, while allowing delivery of legitimate emails with no delay. Take a look at our email security services in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, and Central PA.

Your organization’s emails are its lifeblood. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping them safer than ever from phishing, spam, malware, ransomware, and other threats with our email security services. With advanced link protection, attachment sandboxing, message retraction, and quarantine, your company can avoid wasted time and costly breaches, receiving only the emails you want with our email threat detection. 

Our advanced email threat monitoring services analyze every possible component of incoming emails. It looks for targeted phrases, campaign patterns, and malware attacks. Our filtration systems, powered by both machine learning and live threat analysts, prevent malicious emails from ever reaching your email with our email threat detection service.

  • Attachment quarantine – Suspicious attachment? Open it safely in a cloud-based sandbox that prevents virus and malware from ever reaching your computer. Disarm potentially dangerous files by converting them to PDF or removing macros.
  • Link protection – The instant a user clicks a link, our realtime threat analysis springs into action. If the link is safe, it opens immediately. If threat analysis detects danger, it will redirect the user to a safer website, warn them of the danger, or block the potentially malicious site completely.
  • Live, instantaneous cybersecurity – Hackers work hard, but our threat monitoring works harder. Our 24/7/365 live threat analysist team identifies realtime, day zero threats as they emerge, securing your system from even the most cutting-edge attacks.

Our email security services and threat monitoring system deploys quickly and painlessly and can easily be configured to meet your organization’s specific needs with our email phishing protection and threat detection services.

Aegis is pleased to offer additional email security, included with our Advanced Threat Monitoring, to our clients who use Microsoft 365: 

  • Message Retraction – Did someone accidentally open a dangerous link? Our message retraction incident response tool can help mitigate the disaster that follows a compromised account. Quickly recall outgoing malicious emails to minimize the spread of a potential incident and hasten remediation. A detailed audit trail is included at no additional cost.
  • Office 365 Security Audit – Let us secure your organization’s Office 365 accounts. This automatic check for vulnerable settings and other potential weaknesses.

With speedy, hassle-free deployment, we can start protecting your organization’s email immediately. For professional consultation on small business computer services in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, and Central PA, call us today at (717) 995-8600.