Hospitality Industry

Critical Concerns for Hospitality IT Services

The hospitality industry includes hotels, restaurants, spas and more — each of these businesses has a unique set of considerations that affect its IT requirements. Many organizations face a pressing need to run a lean operation with low overhead costs while ensuring that guests and staff have access to modern, reliable hospitality IT services. For some, compliance with privacy and security regulations is another concern.

Whatever your specific challenges are, Aegis IT Services can help. We provide custom IT services for hotels, resorts, restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality sector. As a small, local business ourselves, we are flexible enough to assess and meet the requirements of your operation.

How We Help?

Aegis IT Services can provide a wide range of hospitality IT services tailored to the needs of hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry. We can:

  • Plan and install comprehensive hospitality IT infrastructure that is easy to maintain and features minimally invasive cabling that won’t compromise the aesthetics of your accommodations
  • Integrate data, phone and security systems to reduce maintenance requirements and keep these critical systems working their best
  • Implement facility-wide Wi-Fi network coverage that your guests can access when they need it
  • Develop comprehensive security protocols that keep your data — and your guests’ personal information — private and secure at all times

Whether you’re renovating a property, rebuilding your hospitality IT infrastructure from the ground up or would like us to work with your existing systems and make them more affordable and convenient to run and manage, we’ll meet you where you need us to. We can work with your existing IT team to provide project-based training, consulting, and support. Or, you can outsource your day-to-day system management to us and keep your staffing costs to a minimum. Explore your options with an Aegis IT Services professional today.

Why Outsource Your Hospitality IT Support Services?

In the hospitality industry, managers and workers are used to wearing several hats. Too often, unqualified employees end up taking on responsibility for complex Hospitality IT support services. The dangers of this are obvious — from security breaches to inefficient, unreliable systems that affect your productivity.

Outsourcing your Hospitality IT management to Aegis IT Services has several benefits. We’ll match you with a combination of equipment and IT services for hospitality that is well suited to the needs of your business and offers reliable operation at an affordable price point. You’ll trade the uncertainty of managing your own IT for a fixed cost and reliable support from our team. Most importantly, you’ll get a system that works for you, fitting seamlessly into your workflow and delivering performance that’s well-suited to your organization.

Why Aegis IT Services for hospitality?

Aegis IT Services is a local business with a demonstrated track record of providing hospitality IT support services in Central PA. We perform all our work in-house, ensuring a knowledgeable professional who understands your requirements completes all our jobs. Best of all, we provide free, in-depth consultations and transparent price quotes, and we always take the time to explain our recommendations in terms you can understand.

Call us today or contact us online to request a meeting at your convenience.